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We opened our doors in 1989 selling organic groceries, fresh organic fruit and vegetables as well as an extensive range of natural remedies, nutritional supplements, homoeopathy, natural organic body care and make up.  


In 1996 we started running evening workshops and talks so our customers could meet local nutritionists, reflexologists, homoeopaths etc to find out what they do and see if it was something they might be interested in.  A good evening meant about six people came along.  


The word spread quickly, and now we regularly see over 150 people come along so we often have to use a local school hall to fit everyone in.


Oliver's Wholefood Store Annual Lecture Series hosts cutting-edge natural health experts such as Patrick Holford, Zac Goldsmith MP, Marilyn Glenville, Ian White, Dr John Briffa and Leslie Kenton.


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