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Climate Change

with Zac Goldsmith

Tuesday 8 July 2008, 7.30pm


The environment has moved from the bottom to the top of the agenda. Amongst businesses, scientists, consumers and even politicians there is something approaching a consensus on the need for action. But do we have time? Is the pill too bitter? And what form should that action take? Is it down the collective action of individuals and businesses? Or should we demand leadership from our governments?


Zac Goldsmith will discuss both global and local implications of climate change and outline what he believes are the steps we need to take to avert it. He will draw a distinction between the appropriate response to the environmental crisis and some of the misguided solutions that are being put forward by governments and business.


Director and editor of The Ecologist for ten years, Zac was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party's Quality of Life Policy group in 2005. He raises funds for groups dealing with global issues including agriculture, energy and climate change. In 2003 Zac received the Beacon Prize for 'Young Philanthropist of the Year' and in 2004 the Global Green Award for 'International Environmental Leadership.”


Zac Goldsmith has been Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston since the 2010 general election. Oliver's Wholefoods Store is in his constituency and he has been supportive and helpful over the new EU directives for Traditional Herbal Medicines.


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