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Meet Oliver's Wholefood Store People

Oliver's Wholefood Store staff like to get to know our customers, and include highly trained experts in nutrition, medical herbs and wholefoods.


We have an in-store nutritionist six days a week, and a bodycare specialist five days a week giving free advice.


Our staff have a genuine interest in organic food and natural remedies; they are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we sell. Through regular training courses and on-the-job learning, they stay up-to-date and are always ready to answer your questions.  


Sara Novakovic

Before opening Oliver’s Wholefood Store in Kew Sara had been a chef in a vegetarian restaurant, imported fresh organic fruit and vegetables from the West Indies and West Africa, had a company selling fresh organic orange juice, taught dance and aerobics, and worked at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.  


Sara opened Oliver’s Wholefood Store in 1989 because organic food was difficult to source.  Having seen people get well from life-threatening diseases using only natural foods and supplements, she wanted to put her (and the bank’s) money where her mouth was.


I'm from Poland and I’ve worked at Oliver’s for over six years.  I am a supervisor and buyer here. I know a lot about the different varieties of foods we sell. If you need to know about any aspect of what we stock– please ask. I like to cook and grow my own vegetables. I also have made my own beer and I make a lot of different wines at home. I listen to brutal satanic black death metal – through earphones usually on my way to work.  



Hi, I am one of the supervisors here at Oliver’s. Before working here I studied an undergraduate degree in Film Studies. However, I have always been extremely interested in nutrition and in my spare time I have done a lot of research into various aspects of dieting and the importance of nutrition for the mind and body. After struggling with a negative relationship with food and illness for most of my life, I have been very inspired by the ideas and experiences of figures such as; Kris Carr, Ross Bridgeford and Brian Clement and recently began to follow a predominantly organic, plant based diet. I am currently studying a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and I plan to open my own business as a Nutritional Therapist one day. In my spare time I enjoy weight lifting, yoga and practicing my Buddhist faith.

My favourite products at Oliver’s are our selection of Raw snacks, they are packed with nutrient dense superfoods and taste delicious!



I am a beauty advisor at Oliver’s Wholefoods.  I became vegetarian almost ten years ago.  At that time I became interested in alternative therapies and making sure that what I put on my body was as clean as what I ate.  I prefer plant based skin care and we stock lots.  Skin goes through many changes in a lifetime – change of seasons can affect it adversely. Stress and hormonal fluctuations can be challenging on the skin. We have natural alternative products that give great results. We have exceptional selection of body care products from staple soaps to Tahitian gardenia and frangipani oils to pink Himalayan bath salts.  Something for everyone.  We stock well known brands such as Ren, Dr Haushcka, Weleda and Lavera.  Also, locally produced organic skin care products.  Look forward to seeing you! I’m at Oliver’s Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

vero sara Jo


From a background working in an office environment, Jo happily joined the Oliver’s team in July this year for a change in career direction.  Jo has been interested in healthy and organic living for many years and has just started a Nutrition and Naturopathy diploma course, which will complement her time at Oliver’s.

In her spare time Jo enjoys regular relaxing Pilates sessions, trying out new city or countryside walks, learning and doing a bit of art with the help of an artist friend, and attempting to experiment a bit more with her cooking.  At Oliver’s, Jo's favourite products include the range of Pukka and Yogi teas, and she has just successfully tried out a home made Bircher recipe using buckwheat groats and hopes to attempt to make almond milk next!



I joined Oliver’s in 2012, and in my year and a half as Office Manager I never had a dull day - new and interesting products came into the office on a regular basis, and there was always another exciting in-store event to plan. I’m delighted to be back as a part-time Administrative Assistant after an incredible 4 month trip to South America where, amongst many other spectacles, I was able to witness quinoa crops growing at the dizzy heights of 4000m. Alongside my work here I am studying for a Masters in Music Therapy, as well as maintaining a busy social schedule based mostly around good company, good music, and of course good food and drink! Working at Oliver's has really fuelled my passion for food, and I have learned a great deal about what it is to be a responsible consumer, having seen first-hand what goes on behind the scenes of the food industry, both good and bad.

giueppe pic


My name is Giuseppe and I am a second year student on the BSc Human Nutrition at the University of Westminster. I work as a part-time weekend supervisor at Oliver’s Wholefood Store. I come from a sunny town called Noto, in Sicily, Italy. I have always been interested in healthy food and in the fascinating idea that “we are what we eat”. During my scholastic education I studied science including biology and chemistry amongst other subjects, and I developed an academic interest in nutrition. In my course I am learning about both physiological and pathological aspects related to nutrition, as well as the most beneficial foods to our body. Last summer I volunteered as a physiology laboratory assistant at my University, where I was responsible for taking physiological measurements of patients performing physical exercise and promoting health behaviour giving simple advice about nutrition and physical activity. My current main interest lies in the effect of probiotics on healthy and diseased individuals. Working at Oliver’s Wholefoods has given me insights on the world of organic food with daily growing knowledge on optimal nutrition. I love working here as it is a unique place where you can feel a home atmosphere. And…..you are always surrounded by amazing people and bright veg!! I am always happy to try new foods and share tasty Italian recipes. My favorite product is the Kew Gardens Honey: local delicacy with the flavour of flowers!

Ramon pic Jan 2016


My name is Ramon and I’m very happy to be one of the Supervisors and part of the team serving our customers at Oliver’s Wholefoods.  My background includes being certified as a Holistic Health Therapist and Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner. As you get to know me, you will probably see that I am passionate about cooking, healthy food and healthy living.


Before arriving here at Oliver’s, I spent several years working in sporting goods retail sales and management, and started my own consultancy helping clients with business challenges, to approach life holistically. After some health challenges of my own, my desire to help others became a passion for promoting healthy and holistic living through nutrition, cooking and eating.


Oliver’s has a wonderful collection of Spanish foods and being from Spain myself, I will be happy to help if you have any questions or want to know more about the Spanish foods.


Stay informed about tastings, feastings and festivals, health lectures, beauty & skin care and other events.  

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