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We are an organic shop covering very facet of eating, drinking and nutrition, all under one roof.  With a large natural remedy and bodycare range and an annual Oliver's Wholefood Store Lecture Series, we embrace a holistic approach to health.  Oliver’s Wholefood Store aims to offer food with integrity - over 90% of the food we stock is organic - to inform and educate about how to eat well, and to share our suppliers' stories about how food is produced, creating connections and community between producers/growers and the customer.












We have never stocked products containing GMOs, hydrogenated oils, synthetic colours, flavours or sweeteners or savoury food with simple sugars.  We always stock the best quality option we can find, and only occasionally non-organic (chutney and pickle makers please up your organic game!).












We buy from co-ops, one-woman-bands, small organic farms and companies. We have checked out and trust their ethics, and we know many of our suppliers personally, some since we started in 1989.

What sets us apart?

We love food just the way it is

We encourage loving relationships

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